Frequently Asked Questions

What is green building?
Sustainable building, or green building is an outcome of a design which focuses on increasing the efficiency of resource use - energy, water, and materials - while reducing building impacts on human health and the environment during the building's lifecycle, through better siting, design

What Does Green Mean? Thoughts From An Engineer.pdf
Article by Mark Benjamin P.E., M.ASCE

What kind of materials can I use?
It is best to use local materials. While things like bamboo and exotic sustainable woods have become increasing trendy, they need to be shipped a long distance. Local materials have a low shipping impact (use less fuel), help the local economy, are suited for the area, and more accurately fit the definition of sustainable materials.
Here is a brief list of popular alternative products to consider:

How do I use local materials?
An enlightened engineer can work with you when you pick your materials. For instance, if you choose local timber, he can inspect timbers and specify their use in specific locations.

Why do I need an engineer?
Some areas of the country do not require engineering, or even a building permit. However, today's building materials are advanced in many ways, and require a knowledgeable person to design them. This is where a trained and experienced engineer comes in. You want to be sure the materials are being used correctly, are sized properly, are connected together correctly, and are supported properly.

What services do you provide?
Crown Jade can:
  • Fine Tune Your Existing Plans
  • Produce Floor Plans & 3D elevations
  • Analyze Frame & Structural Design
  • Develop Structural Plans

Do I need an architect?
If you have an idea of what basic form you want your home, know how many rooms and their uses, David Benjamin, (VP of drafting) can work with you to produce all the architectural and structural plans you need to get a building permit, at a fraction of the cost of an architect.

How much for plans?
Our fees start at $3.00 per square foot based on finished square footage above basement. We will include finished basement layout, attached and simple detached garages, porches, and decks at no extra cost. An architect can charge up to 8% to 12% of construction cost, or at current building prices, up to $12 to $20 per square foot. In other words, architects frequently charge on a percentage of cost basis while we charge based upon square footage of living space.

How long are the plans good for? Or, how soon do I need to build?
The plans are good for years, as long as the geology doesn't change. However, local codes are being updated every year all around the country, so they may need to be updated and some revisions applied to meet new local codes.

Can I use straw bale (cob, stacked tires, rammed earth, adobe, earth plasters, etc......)?
You may build with whatever you want. We have experience designing, and in many cases, building with all forms of alternative construction. We have several lifetimes of combined actual construction experience prior to forming this company, so we fully understand construction from the practical side. This is especially important for owner-builders, as we have been an owner-builder several times.

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