Our Mission

Mark Benjamin P.E., M.ASCE Green is not just a 'buzz word'...
It's our children's Future!

Our Principle Guiding Beliefs:

  • 40 % of the energy in the USA goes into building; this can and must be reduced.
  • Too many resources are excessively used due to poor or over-elaborate designs.
  • Housing should be affordable, easy to construct, durable, energy-efficient, and unique.
  • We believe consumer education should be part of our contribution to your building project.
  • We believe we should be available for questions, adjustments, inspections, and consultations.

It is the mission of Crown Jade Design & Engineering, Inc. to help people achieve energy efficient, unique, and affordable housing. We do this by channeling our professional training, combined with extensive construction experience, into producing clear and fully detailed construction documents, including all architectural and structural plans necessary to obtain a building permit. We are able to engineer all alternative and conventional methods of construction while strictly adhering to all local building codes. Because buildings in America use 40% of our available energy, we at Crown Jade Design and Engineering, Inc. endeavor to work consistently toward increasing energy and resource efficiency, and assist homeowners and building contractors to reduce extreme overuse of our earth's finite resources.

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