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Mark Benjamin, has recently become Professional Liaison for Emerging Green Builders.:
Link to Emerging Green Builders- Colorado: www.egbcolorado.org


Mark's Current Favorite Green-Read:
Hot, Flat & Crowded, by Thomas L. Friedman ~a green read about the state of the earth!


Press Release!
Crown Jade Engineering and Round Foot Homes team up...
Stove Prairie School to Benefit With Offer of Energy Efficient Cabin Plans
By Round Foot Homes

Round Foot Homes, an affiliate of Crown Jade Design and Engineering, Inc., is extending an offer that benefits the Stove Prairie Mountain School’s Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) with the donation of a set of plans for a one bedroom cabin. The cabin design is a permanent structure based on the popular canvas yurt. The plans are valued at $1200, with a minimum bid of $400...
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Mark's Benjamin: An Engineer's Role In Green Building
Link to Mark Benjamin's article on baosol.com

Mark Benjamin is a structural engineer for Crown Jade Design and Engineering, Inc. (CJDE) and has been providing inspections for the last 6 years, after a lifetime of construction experience. Mr. Benjamin is registered in Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Connecticut, Pennsylvania...and other states as needed. For more information, please contact Crown Jade Design and Engineering, Inc. at (303) 358- 2452 or(970) 472-2394 or direct emails to jademail@crownjade.com.

Mark's Benjamin: 90% Better Energy Efficient Building Design & Technology
by Mark Benjamin (pdf format)

Andrew Michler: The 7steps to sustainable building at baosol.com
Andrew Michler LEED AP: The 7steps to sustainable building at baosol.com

Andrew Michler LEED AP, and accredited by CSU IBE Green Buildings, CSU IBE Green Homes & USGBC LEED AP, currently lives with his wife, Jennie, off the grid in Masonville, CO. For more information or to schedule a green homes audit please contact him via email: andrew@baosol.com.

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